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10th Kyu Video Black Dragon Ninjitsu Home Study Course


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The 10th Kyu or Jukyu Video Course, will demonstrate basic Meditation, exercises, Taiso (body conditioning), Atemi-waza (striking techniques), Kamae (postures), Taisabaki (Body Movement), Ukemi & Kaiten (falling and rolling). Filmed during the harshest time winter in West Virginia in early 2016 (known as Kan-Geiko training in Judo) and including a basic physical fitness test of Running in place for 2 Minutes, 25 Push-ups, 25 Sit-ups and 3 Pull-ups plus knowing the basic dojo etiquette, how to tie your belt, kamae, body movement & exercises, techniques, falls, rolls & striking techniques. If someone doesn't meet the 10th Kyu requirements (it will happen) they simply continue to training and submit a weekly training video until they do... 

More so, its no big deal to drop out & restart when ready! Just use your option to get input and help and take some time off and come back when you're ready or pay another $25 dollar membership fee to submit more weekly training videos for feed back and additional instruction.

Once one is able to demonstrate these things and pays the $25 Membership Fee into the Black Dragon Ninjitsu Program they are first enrolled into the program and promoted to Jukyu without a promotion processing fee. Then they are to submit weekly training videos (minimum once a week) to demonstrate their training and allowing me or, someone else certified by me, to help them develop and practice. From what is required by the 9th Kyu DVD... with Promotion to 9th Kyu dependent on what what is on the 9th Kyu DVD.

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