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8th Kyu Video Black Dragon NInjitsu Home Study Course


The Hakkyu or 8th Kyu is the second Yellow Belt, striking moves from punching, kicks and hand strikes to learning open hand strikes and vital areas and infighting techniques such as knees, elbows and head butts. This closes the gab from striking range to infighting range, trapping and focuses on the concept of teaching the student to move from striking range, to in-fighting range and completes the basic grappling techniques with the next Belt DVD.

This allows a student to move from striking range to infighting range, while addressing things like range/distancing, positioning, closing to grappling range... before addressing stand up and ground fighting in the next grade Nanakyu (7th Kyu). This manner of relaying the information allows a student to develop a skill set similar to self-defense combatives, providing a basic program to develop needed self-defense skills. While allowing the student to gain the benefit of self-defense focused training and develop basic martial arts skills to be applied to training.

The Hakkyu DVD teaches not only infighting skills but covers the offensive and defensive use of knees and elbow strikes, which double as "blocking" counter strikes. This DVD is best used with a partner, which is why the Black Dragon Ninjitsu Course allows up to 4 people to be registered under one DVD course to allow for sparring and combined work with a partner(s). This is a requirement for simulating Dojo/Gym training, needed to Develop physical ability and functional skills.