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Anti-Terrorist Handbook


What is the American Homeguard & Where Do I Sign Up?

The Amerian Homeguard is not a group or organization. The American Homeguard is an idea and a means of acting out that idea. There are no clubs t  join, n dues to be paid and no secret hand signs or agendas. The best way to be prepared, is to be educated, aware and willing to use that education. The common criminal is more experienced withviolence and rime then the average citizen who must defend  themselves from the criminal. So then to defend one's life and family from the criminal one will learn martial arts, self-defense or carry a weapon as a means of self-defense.

This same philosophy is applied to Terrorism & to a degree all disasters. To be free of the fear of terrorism we must be free from fear. Fear is a weapon used by terrorists and not guns or bombs, sadly this is true of our own government as well. So then I this book you will find basic skill sets for self-defense & survival.

Subjects Covered:

  • Basic Hand-to-Hand Combatives (derived from Street Focus Jujitsu)
  • How to Identify a Terror Threat & Avoid It
  • Wilderness Survival & First Aid
  • Small Teams Battle Drills
  • Survival Against Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Attacks
  • How to Organize as a Small Group/Community
  • And Much More...

No One Rises to The Occasion

They simply fall back on their training... and the terrorists are trained. Without similar tactical & survival training of your own, you have nothing to fall back on to save your life or your family.

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