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Black Dragon Ninjitsu Home Study Course Jump Start Package


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The Black Dragon Ninjitsu Home Study Course Jump Start Pack is a three (3) DVD set, including the 10th & 9th Kyu DVD sets. The Home Study Course Program works more like a conventional online course for any other field of study. All the material is given to you in the DVDs, you simple need to watch, learn and practice. Since Sensei Collins, decided to work with the course on a buy each level as you go basis or as a whole set. He also decided it might help others to have a change to jump on in and get a head start... So jump on in train for the white belt and get a start on your yellow belt material before even need to buy a membership for the program or pay a rank processing fee.

Become a modern ninja warrior in the privacy of your own home. Because one needs to be at least a 9th Kyu before they can start a study group and deal with the responsibility of making sure everyone in the group, up to four people in the group total, gets together and trains. This jump start package gives you the tools to get rank before you need to find a training partner for your 8th Kyu/Hakkyu grade training.

Jukyu DVD:

The 10th Kyu Video Course, will demonstrate basic meditation exercises, taiso (body conditioning exercises), Atemi-waza (striking techniques), Ukemi & Kaiten (falling and rolling) and basic physical conditioning drills.

Kykyu DVD:

Expands the Atemi-waza techniques and drills, as well as teaches the meaning behind Kamae in reading body language, striking drills, expanding into taisabaki and self-defense techniques.

Purchase them together and save.

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