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Complete Black Dragon Ninjitsu Home Study Course


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The Whole Course is not yet released but will be released once all the videos for each rank has been released and will take you to 1st Kyu/Ikkyu, leaving a 3-day boot camp ending with a 24 hour survival course before one is promoted to Shodan or 1st degree black belt.

Those enrolled in the Course will begin by training at home with the 10th Kyu DVD course when they are ready ti test, they will pay a $25 Membership fee, and send in weekly testing videos. Having tested for 10th Kyu this is to ensure that training methods demonstrated are practiced and maintained. Many video course simply demonstrate techniques and forms requiring a student to simply remember kata/forms and "test" to get the next belt. I don't believe in belt tests, I believe life is a test, everyday is a test and that distance students should send in weekly tests, to demonstrate constant improvement. A grading processing fee of $50 (waived for 10th Kyu) is set at each level. 

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