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Drunken Wolverine Ninja Kung-fu



Drunken Wolverine Ninja Kung-fu not only addressed the beginning of Sensei Ron Collins dealings with Organized Crime and dirty cops which high lights Sensei Collins use of Ninjutsu to gather intelligence and survive a series of frame ups all to conceal the truth. This book also addresses how fixed thinking in the martial arts and self-defense community lies a person unprepared to deal with realistic threats and common "Street Tactics" used and learned in prisons and jails...

One can buy the Drunken Wolverine Ninja Kung-fu DVD which is a like the book soon be re-released. This book and video takes you inside the methods of criminals and shows you how to develop a realistic self-defense plan to counter those common (and uncommon unless you deal with many criminals on a regular basis) that allows you to use their own tactics against them. This book was written as an insult to so-called "legitimate martial artists and self-defense instructors" who lack real world experience and rob people of their hard earned money teaching them fantasy and leaving them with a false sense of security.

The fun part is that, this title comes from an insult that was an attempting at trivializing Sensei Collins 5 Animals of the Street Theory (Cats, Dogs, Wolves, Bears & Wolverines) which is meant to convey a sense of understanding the common "thug" or "tough guy" to people without any sense of or experience with real world violence.