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Drunken Wolverine Ninja Kung-fu DVD



The Drunken Wolverine Ninja Kung-fu DVD was a created to use the provide a yard stick for self-defense oriented people. Not teaching self-defense but show casing many of the criminal tactics and techniques used by so called "Street Soldiers" basically common thugs educated in the jails and prisons of America. A portion of this video exists on youtube dealing with the common improvised "street weapons" used in America's inner cities. This isn't to teach you to use such devices, illegal as they are but, to give one an insight into such weapon and what to look for to better be able to calculate a practical and effective self-defense method against some uncommon & improvised weapons... This video also highlights tactics and a few basic techniques from prison fighting styles such a Rock'n Roll and Jail House Rock. 

The Name is Taken from an online insult, comparing Sensei Ron Collins 5-Animals of the Street Theory (Cats, Dogs, Wolves, Bears & Wolverines) with admission of being able to consume large amounts of alcohol. In the Mind of Sensei Collins, like his childhood hero Bruce Lee's thought on Jeet Kune Do, its only a name. So Sensei Collins used to insult as a title for a book which first describes his run in with the corrupt legal system in Beckely West Virginia and the dirty cop former-Trooper Gregory Allen Duckworth. Regardless the idea is to convey that fixed styles of fighting or training, self-defense systems and so on often are taught by those with little experience so by showing the viewer "the ticks of the criminal trade" the person confronted with those tactics, tricks and methodologies is better equipped to adapt and survive. 

Watch the Improvised Weapons Portion Here: