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Kung-Fu: Throws, Locks & Anti-Locking


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Chris Friedman is an author for Kung Fu/Tai Chi Magazine & a life long martial artist training in various Chinese systems, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu, Tang Soo Do and others. Chris currently lives in China, with nine years to date training at the famed Shaolin Temple in Northern Hunan Province. Shadow Warrior Publishing is pleased to bring readers this book which discusses and describes the context and nature of Kung-fu's joint destruction grappling techniques, as well as provides a real & honest look at the modern training of China's Shaolin Fighting Monks, who are far more practical then Hollywood and many American Instructors would have you believe. So Pre-Order this wonderful text and get an inside look at Chinese Martial Arts from one of the few people to travel to China to study with the real Shaolin masters.

This unique book has an expected release date of August 12th 2016.

From the Back Cover of Kung-fu: Throws, Locks and Anti-Locking:

Kung Fu/ Throws, Locks & Anti-Locking is a comprehensive guild to Kung Fu and its various grappling maneuvers. It explores the three main styles which the author studied extensively while living for the past 9 years in China, [Bagua Zhang, Shuai Jiao and Shaolin Kung Fu]. The systems techniques are examined in detail, as well as their training methods and strategies to employ such maneuvers in actual combat.

Besides simply covering the theories and techniques behind these exotic training methods, are many firsthand true stories of both the author and his instructors that have used such methods in real life. These real life accounts make for interesting insight into the techniques and training method behind the theories.

Kung Fu/ Throws, Locks & Anti-Locking is filled with colorful photos which help illustrate the techniques, training methods and true life stories in this book. The photos where all taken in various places in china, including such famous land marks as the Shaolin Temple. Many of the author’s teachers are well known and respected masters in China, such as professional MMA and Shuai Jiao fighter Yao Honggang, Shaolin temple disciples like Master Song Shuang Ping, Shi Yan Feng and Shi Xing Yong, Bagua Zhang master Zhang Sheng Li, Tai chi and kung fu master Jin Leiming, as well as Zhou Quan Sheng Shuai Jiao master and champion.

Kung Fu is the oldest martial arts in the world and all other systems stem from this ancient art, including the present day grappling and grappling oriented systems.