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Legacy of the Kokuryukai: History & Traditions of the Omoto Ryu


Legacy of the Kokyryukai is a eye opening look at how one Secret Society influenced Japan and the world. Of how the Samurai Spirit was passed from old warriors to a young man who became the head of the dragon. This book traces the Kokuryukai's roots in the Saga Rebellion and the Koyosha and Genyosha, to the Hai Lung River Provence of China (also known as the Amur River to Western Sources) and founding of the Kokuryukai under Uchida Ryohei. We also trace the Genyosha and later Kokuryukai's roots to a far older Shinto Prophecy of Hakko Ichiu from the Ashuka Period. Discussing the Omoto Family's famed connection to the Kokuryukai and how this "Urban Legend" has shaped the Omoto Ryu Black Dragon Dojo and found the American Kokuryukai.

Legacy of the Kokuryukai is an "Instructors Handbook" in the aspects of Black Dragon Ninjitsu related to Strategy, Tactics, Guerrilla Warfare, Psychological Controls and Dojo Etiquette. Now recently published with the present Black Dragon NInjitsu Home Study Course Program. This is a handbook for instructors in martial arts and military strategy. The American Kokuryukai is a Private Club... "A Secret Society" (if you will...) of martial artists, martial arts instructors, self-defense combatives, tactical firearms and survival instructors. Black Dragon NInjitsu is not the only martial art permitted to be studied in the American Kokuryukai, the organization is open to any martial arts system or style. The Organization is focused around the Cloak & Dagger aspects of Ninjitsu, Espionage, Guerrilla & Intelligence Warfare.

Membership in the American Kokuryukai is by invitation only...
To Gain Membership One Must:
1. Hold a Black Belt or Similar Advanced Grade in Martial Arts, Self-Defense or Tactical Combatives...
2. Be of Good Moral Character...
3. Be Sponsored by an American Kokuryukai Member.