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Never Back Down: The True Story Behind Sensei Ron Collins


Ronald Collins jr., is a "fake ninja" and a "fake martial artist" according to his many detractors. Yet Ron Collins was awarded for teaching his own hand-to-hand combat methods during "Sergeants Time" and being a fire team leader in 1/503d Air assault Infantry Battlion. Between April 2005 to 2014 Ron Collins lived as a wanted man using his "fake ninjitsu" skills to turn the police informant network against itself and recordings of police and prosecutors to prove a pattern of misconduct, abuse of power and entrapment, connecting police corruption to organized crime.

Ron Collins dodged multiple attempts to entrap & to kill him, mixed with modern ninjutsu espionage skills like mind reading, mind control, fake personas and strategy. You also get to read about those who influenced Ron Collins as well as, events in his childhood such as running from his mother's "retired hitman" ex-boy friend, learning martial arts from violent criminals, living with violent psychopaths and the training with the Omoto family. Plus an insider look and information on the politics of the business of marketting & selling martial arts.

With a forward on Ron Collins by Grandmaster Ashida Kim.

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