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Poorman's Guide to Prepping: Economical Doomsday Survival


Prepping is a fad hobby based on fear and worry. All trying to sell you the latest and greatest in tactical widgets and what nots. Survivalism is a philosophy that is often paramilitary in nature, also built around selling you on gear or skills training. Poor people have been surviving for years and the survivalist movement had its roots in both doomsday Christians and cold war fears of nuclear war.

Poor people and people in general have been surviving with less resources and less gear forever, or at least as long as there have been people. This book outlines some basic skills & talks about low tech/low cost methods for survival including plans of Do-it-yourself bomb and blast shelters, do-it-yourself hazmat concepts. So whether you fear a nuclear war, economic collapse or being left behind at the second coming this book will help you survive without spending excessive amounts of cash on the latest high tech gear.

Whether alone or as a group this book uses simple common sense methods and survival strategies, used by previous generations and today by poor men, in poor countries, without all the high tech gadgets social support networks of the US during bad times and disasters.
What you'll Find Inside:

  • Basic Tactics for Reacting to Contact, Convoy Operations & similar,
  • Alternative Medicine using herbs found in the Wild & in Your Kitchen,
  • Basic Field Craft for Bugging Out,
  • Do It Yourself Hazmat Suit design, Decontamination kits & Blast/Bomb Shelters,
  • 9 Stages of Preparation to Match Even the Wealthy in Safety & Security,
  • Caching & Barter Economics Explained in Detail,
  • And much more...

Consider this THE FIELD MANUAL for the low income to lower middle class prepper or survivalist!

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