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Unarmed Combat British Homeguard Training Film from 1941


This Black & White training video for the British Homeguard was used to teach not only the basic principles of patrol and the Fairbairn method of Hand-to-Hand Combat. Because we claim no copyright to this work as it was a government video which has been released by the British Government, we only charge for the production and handling of the DVD. In this age of Terrorism and Civil Unrest this Video and provide the basic knowledge needed to hastily prepare any neighborhood watch, survival group or individual in the "Field Stripped" version of Defendu which became the Famous break through that Self-Defense & Military Combatives as we know them has grown from.

This is World War II Combatives from the Source. This video compliments the handbook in these combatives Get Tough. You can also buy this DVD with Get Tough as a Complete Set.